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Thinking of doing some running over winter why not join as a virtual runner, we have the cross country program all ready to go (check out Cross Country page) all you need to do is pick a distance (that we are offering) and head out and run (NOT On the actual course offered) All information will be available via our facebook group (Bendigo Harriers Athletics Club Inc.)

Virtual Run 16 is on distances this week are 1km, 2kms, 3kms, 6kms and 10kms.

This weeks run is kindly sponsored by Successful Computing.

Virtual Run 15 results are - Kindly sponsored by Paul Martin and Family

1km - 1st Dylan Marron, 2nd Rylee McInerney, 3rd Caleb Marron

2kms - 1st Charli McInerney, 2nd Keelan McInerney, 3rd Kim Elkington

3kms - 1st Carl Burmester, 2nd Lewis Gillett, 3rd Yvette Palmer all completing the distance in PB's along with Lyn Crome, Kyal Riordan and Toni Phillips.

5kms -1st Jackson Eadon PB, 2nd Mick Hobson PB, 3rd Myk Baker

8kms - 1st Anne Buckley PB, 2nd Hunter Gill, 3rd Nadene Macdonald

Congratulations to all runners. 



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