The Bendigo Bank Dragon Mile has played a significant part in the athletics history of Bendigo and plays a key part in the Easter Parade during this festive period each year. It is run through the main streets of Bendigo starting in Pall Mall. Crowds of approximately 20,000 line the streets to watch the race.

The long time sponsor of the race is the Bendigo Bank. Local athletics club Bendigo Harriers co-ordinates the event.

The race has a history of attracting outstanding athletes. Australian Olympic representatives such as Mike Hillard, Malcolm Norwood, Collis Birmingham, Melissa Duncan and Sarah Jamison are just some of the outstanding athletes to win the race. See below for past winners. Additionally the race provides the chance for children and adults to participate in front of their community.


The next event is set for Easter 2022


Males & Females run together except Mini Mile.

1)  Mini Mile Girls Gr.4 & under 10:30am

2)  Mini Mile Boys Gr.4 & under 10.45am

3)  Primary School Gr. 5&6 11.00am

4)  Secondary School Yr 7-8 11.15am

5)  Secondary School Yr 9-10 11.30pm

6)  Secondary School Yr 11-12 11.45pm

7)  Open, 40+, 50+, 60+ 11.45pm

Entrants please report on Race Day by 9.45am to starting point in Pall Mall at Gold Monument (near race start) to collect Race Bib Number.





OPEN & FINAL RACE: Male and Female 1st: $300, 2nd $100, 3rd $50, 4th $30 5th $20 (should a Year 11-12 or 40+ athlete finish top 5 for each

gender they will be elevated into the prize money and category above as well as their age group.)

VETERAN 40+: Male and Female

1st: $40, 2nd $20, 3rd $10

VETERAN 50+ and 60+ Male and Female

Ribbons for 1st place

SASHES for all winners

RIBBONS for all finishes of Junior races SPOT PRIZES for all sections supplied by Intersport Bicknells (presentation for top 3 place getters after each event).

EASTER EGG for Primary School finishes.



For the purchase of sports equipment and awarded to winning Male and Female team, Trophies for team members (3 member teams )

Past Winners


1987 M Hillardt 
1988 G Whitford 
1989 G Collier 
1990 M Norword 
1991 S Corrie 
1992 S Ellinghaus 
1993 John Walsh 
1994 A Hill 
1995 A Hill
1996 A Hill 
1997 M Moran 
1998 A Hill 
1999 R Ellis 
2000 A Jones 
2001 M Fountain 
2002 P Fenn 
2003 C Birmingham 
2004 M Tucker rec.4.2.05 
2005 M Tucker 
2006 T Morton 
2007 S Dineen 
2008 S Dineen 
2009 S Dineen 
2010 C Williamson 
2011 D Clark 
2012 S Dineen
2013 B Threlfall​
2014 J Rayner

2015 A Buchanan

2016 A Buchanan

2017 A Wallis

2018 M Clarke


J Frilay 
J Frilay 
R Brisbane 
Anne Hunter 
M McDonagh 
Anne Cross 
M Matthews 
Anne Cross 
Anne Cross 
Anne Cross 
H Cayzer 
H Cayzer 
S Waddington 
Anne Cross 
V Mitchell 
V Mitchell 
V Mitchell 
S Jamieson 
S Jamieson rec.4.34.4 
A Worland 
A Worland 
M Duncan 
K Seibold-Crosbie 
L Stanton-Smith 
L Stanton-Smith 
M Duncan
M Duncan​
M Duncan​

M Duncan

T Hayes

T Hayes

T Hayes

One of the many Melburnians that make the trip up to Bendigo to take the title. The 2011 winner Daniel Clark.

There are many kids sections in the race. The kids love the chance to run in front of 20,000 people at the Easter Parade. Here arethe grade 5 and 6 boys in their event.

Melissa Duncan the Commonwealth Games representative has won it 4 times

Cody Williamson one of the few locals that have captured the title.

Race record holder for the females and Australian Olympian Sarah Jamieson won in 2004 and 2005.