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Club Registrations OPEN for the 2022/23 season


For all runners under the age of 11 they do not register through AV. Instead, we ask you pay the club direct $20 per child. All other members must register through AV. Through this link - 

Base Athlete                                                           $235.10 – Open 20+ Years

AV Membership + Harriers Fee                              $179.05 – Junior 12-19 Years


Cross Country Package                                          $379.30 – Open 20+ Years

AV Membership + Cross                                        $297.50 – Junior 12-19 Years

Country Package + Harriers Fee


Max Package                                                         $472.00 – Open 20+ Years

AV Membership + Cross Country                          $364.45 – Junior 12-19 Years

Package + T n F Package

+ Harriers Fee


T n F Package  $379.30 – Open 20+ Years

AV Membership + T n F Package                           $297.50 – Junior 12-19 Years

+ Harriers Fee


Rec Runner                                                             $30 – All Ages

Rec Runner + Harriers Fee     


PLEASE NOTE: For us to be able to track memberships, when you pay either use the child’s name as a reference OR email the Club listing the names of the children registered. WE DO NOT KNOW WHO HAS REGISTERED IF THIS IS NOT DONE.

If a membership is paid for those under 11 this way, they will be covered by the Clubs insurance for any club runs only.

Again, if people do NOT register, they will be ineligible for any club prizes or awards come the end of the Winter season.

If you are unsure of the banking details or have any questions in relation to this, please let the club know.

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